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Latest Products

  • Apodemus BatCounter, Large

    Apodemus BatCounter, Large

    £1,648.76 ex VAT £1,978.51 inc VAT
  • Apodemus BatLure

    Apodemus BatLure

    £1,239.67 ex VAT £1,487.60 inc VAT
  • Apodemus BatCounter, Small

    Apodemus BatCounter, Small

    £1,648.76 ex VAT £1,978.51 inc VAT
  • Emergency Bat Care Box

    Emergency Bat Care Box

    ex VAT £12.50 inc VAT £15.00

    Price From: ex VAT £12.50 inc VAT £15.00

  • Bat DNA Collection Kit

    Bat DNA Collection Kit

    £24.00 ex VAT £28.80 inc VAT